Surprising Car Accident Injury Study

. Japanese Car Accident Whiplash Study Reveals Shocking Data A 2001 study by Hijioka, Narusawa and Nakamura in Archives of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery¬† looked at 400 auto accident victims of varying ages and levels of vehicle damage and compared treatment duration. Background: The researchers excluded any accident victims with nerve or bone damage concluding that … Read moreSurprising Car Accident Injury Study

Degenerative Disc Bulge vs Traumatic Disc Herniation

. How to Tell If Disc Problems Found After a Car Accident Are Traumatic or Degenerative This is not a neuroradiological treatise on disc pathology from trauma. This is an overview to make a difficult topic more understandable to treating physicians, insurance adjusters and personal injury attorneys. The Dilemma of Disc Pathology A dilemma facing … Read moreDegenerative Disc Bulge vs Traumatic Disc Herniation

FREE Dinner Seminar for Lawyers: Disc Pathology from Trauma

Attention Orange County, California Lawyers Interested in Personal Injury… Disc Pathology from Trauma: Herniated – Bulged – Protruded – Extruded Discs Exposing and Overturning Deceptive Defense Medicine Colossus Algorithms Correlating Causality to: Bodily injury and persistent functional losses Bulged and herniated discs from trauma Debunking Myths to Verify: Arthritis increases bodily injury Strains/sprains are permanent … Read moreFREE Dinner Seminar for Lawyers: Disc Pathology from Trauma

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