Soft Tissue Injuries: What the Research Says

. Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents, What Research Tells Us Anyone involved in personal injury, will be very familiar with the phrase “…soft tissue only injury…” followed by statements minimizing the magnitude of the injury and impairment. The truth of the matter is however, as a doctor, I will take a so-called “hard tissue” … Read moreSoft Tissue Injuries: What the Research Says

Car Accident Chiropractor Orange County

Dr Barry Marks, Car Accident Chiropractor Orange County Dr. Marks is an Orange, California Chiropractor and Car Accident injury specialist. Since 1986, Dr Barry Marks has provided Orange County residents with safe and effective treatment for car accident whiplash and brain injuries. What sets him apart from the other doctors in Orange County is that … Read moreCar Accident Chiropractor Orange County

Surprising Car Accident Injury Study

. Japanese Car Accident Whiplash Study Reveals Shocking Data A 2001 study by Hijioka, Narusawa and Nakamura in Archives of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery¬† looked at 400 auto accident victims of varying ages and levels of vehicle damage and compared treatment duration. Background: The researchers excluded any accident victims with nerve or bone damage concluding that … Read moreSurprising Car Accident Injury Study

Degenerative Disc Bulge vs Traumatic Disc Herniation

. How to Tell If Disc Problems Found After a Car Accident Are Traumatic or Degenerative This is not a neuroradiological treatise on disc pathology from trauma. This is an overview to make a difficult topic more understandable to treating physicians, insurance adjusters and personal injury attorneys. The Dilemma of Disc Pathology A dilemma facing … Read moreDegenerative Disc Bulge vs Traumatic Disc Herniation

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