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Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Schedule

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Schedule

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Chiropractor Dr Barry Marks Online Appointment Scheduler

You can easily check Dr Marks' schedule and make your chiropractic appointments online 24/7 without having to call the office. With a couple of clicks you have an appointment. Dr Marks is available in Orange, CA and Newport Beach, CA and you are welcome to see him for chiropractic treatment in either or both locations.

Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries and Your Spine

Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries and Your Spine

Noted car accident doctor and chiropractor Dr Barry Marks explains Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries

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Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries Are Serious Because They Damage Your Spine

Typical Auto Accident Injuries:

  • Whiplash muscle and ligament injuries
    Muscles and ligaments are over stretched and damaged. While muscles heal, ligaments never recover making it a serious injury. Your spine is less stable and arthritis risk is 600% more with weakened ligaments, .
  • Disc injuries
    The intervertebral discs between each spinal bone that act as spacers and shock absorbs of the spine, can become torn after a collision. It may take some time for the damage to surface, but eventually the discs will leak out fluids and begin to herniate outward towards your nerves and spinal cord causing nerve problems.
  • Nerve injuries
    The nerves can be compressed or stretched in a motor vehicle collision causing weakness, numbness and tingling sensations. Injury to your brain is common; concussions occur in approximately half of all accidents.

What to Do After an Accident in Orange County California

Certainly, call Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor and leading expert in car accident injuries and treatment in Orange County (714) 938-0575. Dr Marks will help guide you through the process of filing a claim, getting proper treatment, advising you on insurance matters and more.