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Sciatica Pain vs Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sciatica vs Sacroiliac

Dr Barry Marks chiropractor explains Sciatica Pain vs Sacroiliac Joint Pain as a cause of lower back and leg pain

sciatica pain vs sacroiliac pain

It's Common to Mistake Sciatica Pain vs Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Sciatica and Sacroiliac Are Very Different Causes of Pain.

When it comes to pain in the lower back that refers to the buttocks or legs, you probably hear people talk about sciatica and sacroiliac pain. Here's a brief explanation of these two painful conditions and how to differentiate them.

sciatica and sacroiliac pain diagramSciatica Pain

Sciatica (pronounced "sy-AT-ik-uh") is a painful condition causing burning, shooting, electrical or tingling pain radiating from your lower back to your lower extremity. The pain can radiate anywhere to your buttocks or all the way down to your toes. It get's its name from the sciatic ("sy-AT-ik") nerve; the largest nerve in the body comprised of several nerves from the lower spine to supply the lower leg with nerve impulses. Most noteworthy is butt or leg pain when you stretch out your leg.

Sciatica or sciatic neuritis occurs when your sciatic nerve becomes irritated and inflamed. This can occur due to an injury to the low back and leg, from arthritis in the lower spine, from disc bulges or herniations, tumors or even a spasm in the buttocks muscles. The condition can range from mild and annoying to very severe and debilitating.

Diagnosing sciatica is through history and description of the pain and physical examination. Physical maneuvers that stretch the nerve will result in nerve pain indicating nerve irritation. X-rays or MRI often helps to rule out the exact cause of your sciatica.

Treatment for sciatica pain involves reducing inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Physiotherapy modalities such as heat, electrical stimulation and cold laser as well as stretching exercises can reduce inflammation. Chiropractic manipulation is also helpful to reduce irritation on your nerve at the source in the lumbar spine by unlocking stuck spinal bones.

Sacroiliac Pain

The sacroiliac (pronounced "sakro-il-ee-ak") joint (SI joint) is an articulation between the ilium bone of the hip region with the sacral (tail) bone. The joint is a very tough joint that has very limited movement normally and is crucial in walking and turning. Your SI's can malfunction and become fixated or stuck (chiropractors call this a subluxation) with injuries usually involving a sudden twisting or turning of the pelvis, car accidents, slips and falls and heavy lifting.Sacroiliac joint pain is usually a dull pain at rest in the area overlying the joint and sharp pain on movement. The pain may radiate to your buttocks or upwards around the hip and lower back, BUT IT DOES NOT GO DOWN YOUR LEG. This is the crucial delineation between sciatica and sacroiliac pain.

Diagnosis of SI joint malfunction is on history and description of pain and physical exam. Your doctor will place the joint under stress by hand to reproduce the characteristic pain. X-rays may be obtained to see if the joint is arthritic, which is common.

SI joint pain treatment is primarily through manual chiropractic manipulation (adjustments) of the joint to unlock it. Physiotherapy such as electrical stim or laser to relieve local inflammation is helpful. Your doctor will give you exercises to maintain proper joint motion.

Sciatica Pain vs Sacroiliac Joint Pain Summarized

  • Sciatica is a nerve problem with pain that shoots down the leg
  • Sacroiliac pain is a joint malfunction causing localized pain
  • Above all, both conditions are successfully treated with chiropractic and therapy modalities

Certainly, If You Have Problems With Either Your Sciatic Nerve or Sacroiliac Joint, Call Us Immediately (714) 938-0575 for an Appointment. You Will Be Evaluated to Find The Underlying Cause of Your Pain and Provide You With a Personalized Treatment Solution.


Back Pain Facts from Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Back Pain Facts from Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Back pain facts to help you understand low back pain


Back pain facts Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor

Facts About Low Back Pain from Chiropractor, Dr Barry Marks

Lower Back Pain Causes

BACK STRAINS are over stretching and injuring of muscles and low back while BACK SPRAINS are injuries to the ligaments that hold the spinal bones together. These are common causes of pain in the back. Overworking at the gym or around the house will usually cause strains. A more traumatic injury like a slip and fall, sports injury or car accident are likely to cause sprain injuries.

Disc problems cause pain. A DISC BULGE is a degenerative process like arthritis that is due to age, wear and tear and chronic stress on your back. The discs slowly lose water, become weak and begin to bulge. If the bulge pushes near a nerve you will have not only back pain, but also pain or tingling into your butt, leg or foot. A DISC HERNIATION  is a traumatic injury to a disc dues to heavy lifting, twisting, a high velocity sports injury or a car accident in which the outer disc tissue is often torn and a small area of the disc protrudes outward. Again if the herniation gets close to nerves it will cause back and leg symptoms.

Low Back Pain Prevention

Maintain a healthy weight. Extra belly fat causes stress on your back and may cause disc bulges over time.

Observe good posture while sitting and standing to lessen pressure on your back and discs. Sitting straight with back support helps.

Lift carefully: don't lift heavy objects alone, get a buddy. When lifting, squat and use your legs. DO NOT bend over at the waist and NEVER twist or turn while bending to lift or while you are holding a heavy object. Twisting while lifting is a common cause of disc herniation.

Regular chiropractic check ups and adjustments will keep your back strong and flexible and allow you to enjoy an active life without back problems.

First Aid for Low Back Pain

ACUTE INJURY: If you suffer an acute injury or strain, apply 12-15 mins of ice to the area while lying on your side with knees bent or on your back with your knees up and feet on floor.

Call your Doctor of Chiropractic immediately for more advice and be seen right away. Injuries treated early get well faster and result in less lost time from work.

CHRONIC SORENESS: If you have an achy back from doing a little too much, but haven't had a traumatic injury, try applying moist heat to the area while lying on your side with knees bent or on your back with your knees up and feet on floor. Afterwards do some gentle stretching of the back. If the pain persists longer than 24 hours then call your chiropractor for help.

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Your Lower Back Stretches May Be Making You Worse

Your Lower Back Stretches May Be Making You Worse

low back stretches chiropractor orange ca

All Lower Back Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief Are Not the Same

If you're suffering from lower back pain and looking for exercises to help, you need to read this brief post first.

Know Your Lower Back Problem to Choose The Correct Low Back Stretching Exercises

Disc Problems: Bulging Disc, Herniate Disc

If your chiropractor has diagnosed your low back pain source as a a bulging or herniated disc, you need to avoid exercises and stretches that bend you forward or have you pull your knees towards your chest. Instead, you would find more relief doing exercises that arch your back backwards into extension. Cobra pose is therefore the better stretch for your disc pain.

Facet Joint Problems: Facet Syndrome, Arthritis

If your back pain stems from arthritis or inflammation of the facet joints of your spine, then bending backwards will most likely worsen your pain. What you need are exercises that stretch or separate the joints to relieve pressure on them. The Child's pose stretch is therefore the better exercise for facet syndrome or arthritis.

Lower Back Pain Stretching Exercises Are an Important Part of Your Low Back Pain Treatment Provided You Are Performing the Correct Exercises for Your Particular Condition.

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Orange CA Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Orange CA Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic lower back pain treatment

Lower Back Pain is the Most Common Reason to Visit a Chiropractor

About Low Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is second in frequency only to the common cold. 90% of adults will have at least 1 week of back pain in their lifetime. Lower back pain is a leading cause of lost work productivity each year.

Low Back Pain Relief Treatments

Despite pain in the lower back being so common, finding back pain relief can be difficult. Many back pain treatments just don't work. Most low back pain comes from mechanical problems; joints, muscles, discs, nerves, etc. Treatments that do not address mechanical defects usually won't work. Medications and bed rest are two of the most common medical treatments for back pain that more times than not fail. Studies have shown muscle relaxers to be ineffective at relieving low back pain, yet is a commonly prescribed medication. Over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatories can help reduce inflammation and provide some relief, but mechanical joint pain will persist and the long term consequence of these medications is stomach bleeding, kidney and liver damage. Pain medications such as opioids can relieve pain, but addiction and overuse are rampant today.

Exercises can help back pain, but exercises alone cannot relieve back pain if it is due to misalignment or malfunction of the spinal facet joints. Generalized exercises move the entire spine as a whole and do not unlock or mobilize the individual joints that can become stuck due to strain, injuries, etc.

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven time and again to relieve many cases of back pain because they address the underlying problem of joint malfunction. Most mainstream chiropractors also add physio therapy modalities such as heat, cold, electrical stimulation, laser, etc and exercises found in other methods of care. In other words, chiropractic treatment encompasses treatments from other disciplines but adds spinal adjustments, something only chiropractors can do. This usually results in quicker pain relief without side effects of medications.

A Chiropractor Should Be Your First Choice for Low Back Pain

Chiropractors should be the gate keeper to see for low back pain. A good Doctor of Chiropractic knows more about lower back pain than any other doctor. They are able to diagnose the cause of back pain and either make referrals to other imaging or specialists or provide treatments that have very low risk and in most cases can quickly relieve your pain when other methods have failed. This approach is very effective, safe and saves costs.

Medical vs Chiropractic Model for Low Back Pain

Studies done by Blue Cross-Blue Shield found low back pain treatment with a chiropractor performed better and at much less cost for the insurer and patient.

With the medical model a patient is seen by the MD who makes the diagnosis, then a trial of medications, if they fail then a prescription for physical therapy, if that fails another visit to the MD and then a referral for x-rays or MRI, which means a radiologist must read the images, then referral possibly to a specialist orthopedist or neurologist who often refers back to physical therapy for more trial before more invasive procedures. More invasive procedures are likely because as we said before, these treatments are usually not very effective at relieving back pain. At each step there are co-pays for the patient and evaluations by each provider which is at cost to the insurer.

Chiropractic management of lower back complaints is streamlined. The chiropractor performs an exam and makes the diagnosis, imaging such as x-ray may be referred or done onsite. The chiropractor then provides all of the treatment in one place. The outcome on average is good so no referrals are needed. This means less co-pays to the patient and much less cost to the insurance company. Of course if the case does not resolve as expected, imaging such as MRI may be referred, but by the chiropractor so no extra physician visit is needed.

Red Flags: When NOT to See a Chiropractor But Go to an Emergency Room Immediately

If you develop loss of bowel or bladder control and/or numbness, loss of sensation around your anus, that is a medical emergency. Do not go to a chiropractor or your family medical doctor, go to an ER where they can evaluate you and perform an MRI immediately. These are signs of Cauda Equina Syndrome and can be very serious. This is a condition where something, usually a massively herniated disc is cutting off nerve impulses from the lower part of your spine. A delay in proper diagnosis and treatment could result in very serious complications.

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