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Dr Barry Marks, DC – Chiropractor

1745 W Orangewood Ave, #114, Orange, CA 92868

Chiropractor Orange CA | Fast Affordable Chiropractic Pain Relief

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA since 1986.

Need a Chiropractor in Orange County? Whether you are suffering from a car accident whiplash injury, tension or migraine headaches, a shoulder pain or knee strain from sports, back pain from yard work, the fatigue of fibromyalgia or any other ache or pain, Dr. Marks Chiropractor Orange CA has created unique pain relieving programs including cold laser therapy just for you. See why many of your neighbors consider his treatments to be the Best Chiropractic in Orange CA.

Affordable Treatment Chiropractor in Orange CA

Dr. Marks Chiropractor in Orange, CA 92868, provides Convenient, Affordable and Mainstream Chiropractic treatments to his neighborhood. The emphasis of Dr. Marks’ practice is on relieving your pain fast and then teaching you how to manage your self at home once your pain has been relieved. He does not force long-term treatment programs or contracts on you. He will always give you different options for care that suits your needs. His care is affordable and different payment options are available as well as acceptance of many PPO plans and MediCare. (Sorry no HMO’s). If you’ve been in a car accident, the treatment is usually provided with no up front cost to you.

Chiropractic treatments provided by Dr. Marks are all based on scientifically proven methods that get results without drugs or surgery. Only the most proven and effective treatments are used to relieve your pain fast. Dr Marks has spent years studying different methods and has developed unique programs that work making him the “go-to” chiropractor in Orange CA.

Many patients find relief from chronic and complex pain with Dr Marks, when other methods and chiropractors have failed. Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor has many years experience and training so if you can’t seem to find relief with medicine, physical therapy or another chiropractor in Orange County CA, consider giving Dr Barry Marks a try.

Car Accident? You Need a Car Accident Injury Specialist

Car Accident Doctor in Orange County CA

Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful. Most people have no idea what type of doctor to see. Very few medical doctors or chiropractors specialize just in car accident injuries. In fact, in Orange County, there is no doctor with more experience, training and expertise in car accident whiplash and brain trauma than Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange CA. Dr Marks is a chiropractor with years of post-doctorate specialty training in orthopedics, whiplash & brain trauma, disability evaluation and more. Since 1986, he has helped thousands of Orange County car accident victims just like you. Many doctors treat car accident injuries, but you’ll have a difficult time finding any doctor that is a true car accident injury specialist, like Dr. Barry Marks, Car Accident Chiropractor.


Car Accident Treatment Orange County CA

True auto accident specialists have special training in diagnosing and treating these injuries. Additionally, they know how to work with your lawyer and are experienced at providing courtroom testimony. The auto accident specialist knows the medical AND legal aspects of your case to provide the best guidance possible.

When you have a heart problem or cancer, you see a specialist like a cardiologist or oncologist. Similarly, if you suffer a car accident, your best chances for recovery are with a car accident whiplash and brain injury specialist chiropractor not just any chiropractic in Orange CA.

Conditions Successfully Treated With Chiropractic

Headaches – Neck Pain – Back Pain – Car Accident Whiplash and Concussion – Peripheral Neuropathy

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