Car Accident Neck Exercises Recommended by Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA

Car Accident Neck Exercises Recommended by Car Accident Chiropractor Dr Barry Marks Orange and Newport Beach Car Accident Chiropractor. Neck exercises after a car accident are a crucial part of recovering from an auto accident injury. These exercises are designed to improve your neck curve and correct Forward Head Posture (FHP).

car accident neck exercises

Neck Exercises | 3 Best Car Accident Neck Exercises

Neck Exercises Tips After a Car Accident:

After a car accident you need to be careful when you do neck exercises. Your neck can be re-injured fairly easily.

  • Car accident neck exercises should be done daily.
  • You should not do “neck roll” neck exercises. They can cause too much stress on your neck.
  • Only move your neck in one direction at a time: front to back, side to side or turn left and right
  • Apply heat before car accident neck exercises and ice after if you feel more pain

Lower Back Exercises After a Car Accident

Lower back exercises after car accident are important to rehabilitate your spine and relieve lower back pain. Proper exercises will minimize long-term problems from your injury and prevent relapse of your condition.

Lower Back Exercises | Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief


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