5 Most Common Reasons to See a Chiropractor

5 Most Common Reasons to See a Chiropractor

5 most common reasons to see a chiropractor dr barry marks

Your Doctor of Chiropractic is well trained to take care of a variety of health conditions. These are the 5 most common painful conditions people seek a chiropractor for.

Common Reasons to See Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

  1. Low Back Pain
    90% of adults will suffer back pain that lasts 1 week or longer in their lifetime. Only the common cold is more pervasive than back pain. There are many reasons for lower back pain, each with a different treatment approach.
  2. Neck Pain
    Second most common reason for chiropractic visits. Your neck is akin to a pencil trying to hold up a bowling ball! When it works right, it’s fine, but when it becomes unbalanced… you’ve got big trouble!
  3. Headaches
    Headache pain is very common. Most adults will suffer headaches time to time. Headaches that occur frequently are a sign of trouble. 12% of adults suffer migraines, while the majority of headaches come from neck problems and are readily helped with chiropractic treatments.
  4. Car Accident Whiplash
    Head, neck and back pain caused by car accidents are very common. No other type of treatment comes close to relieving and repairing whiplash type injuries to chiropractic. If you have had a car crash, then you should consider a car accident chiropractor who specializes in this field.
  5. Shoulder Blade Pain
    Pain in the shoulder and between the shoulder blades and middle back are more common than ever thanks to computers and cell phones. Stress and poor posture also play a role. Interestingly, half of all shoulder blade pain is referred from the neck! Your chiropractor can tell and fix it, often quickly.

Remember, chiropractors treat a wide variety of problems and also provide invaluable advice on diet, lifestyle and other factors to help you be as healthy as possible not just relief of pain. All ages respond well to chiropractic and treatments are affordable.

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