Back Pain Facts from Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Back Pain Facts from Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Back pain facts to help you understand low back pain


Back pain facts Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor

Facts About Low Back Pain from Chiropractor, Dr Barry Marks

Lower Back Pain Causes

BACK STRAINS are over stretching and injuring of muscles and low back while BACK SPRAINS are injuries to the ligaments that hold the spinal bones together. These are common causes of pain in the back. Overworking at the gym or around the house will usually cause strains. A more traumatic injury like a slip and fall, sports injury or car accident are likely to cause sprain injuries.

Disc problems cause pain. A DISC BULGE is a degenerative process like arthritis that is due to age, wear and tear and chronic stress on your back. The discs slowly lose water, become weak and begin to bulge. If the bulge pushes near a nerve you will have not only back pain, but also pain or tingling into your butt, leg or foot. A DISC HERNIATION  is a traumatic injury to a disc dues to heavy lifting, twisting, a high velocity sports injury or a car accident in which the outer disc tissue is often torn and a small area of the disc protrudes outward. Again if the herniation gets close to nerves it will cause back and leg symptoms.

Low Back Pain Prevention

Maintain a healthy weight. Extra belly fat causes stress on your back and may cause disc bulges over time.

Observe good posture while sitting and standing to lessen pressure on your back and discs. Sitting straight with back support helps.

Lift carefully: don’t lift heavy objects alone, get a buddy. When lifting, squat and use your legs. DO NOT bend over at the waist and NEVER twist or turn while bending to lift or while you are holding a heavy object. Twisting while lifting is a common cause of disc herniation.

Regular chiropractic check ups and adjustments will keep your back strong and flexible and allow you to enjoy an active life without back problems.

First Aid for Low Back Pain

ACUTE INJURY: If you suffer an acute injury or strain, apply 12-15 mins of ice to the area while lying on your side with knees bent or on your back with your knees up and feet on floor.

Call your Doctor of Chiropractic immediately for more advice and be seen right away. Injuries treated early get well faster and result in less lost time from work.

CHRONIC SORENESS: If you have an achy back from doing a little too much, but haven’t had a traumatic injury, try applying moist heat to the area while lying on your side with knees bent or on your back with your knees up and feet on floor. Afterwards do some gentle stretching of the back. If the pain persists longer than 24 hours then call your chiropractor for help.

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