The Health Wheel How Balanced Is Your Life?

The Health Wheel | How Balanced Is Your Life?

How Balanced Is Your Life? Use the Health Wheel to find out


The Health Wheel

Use This Visual Tool to See How Balanced Your Life is

This graphic tool allows you to easily see where your life needs attention. Making improvements in these areas will enable you to experience a fuller more optimal life.

Each color on the wheel represents a different aspect of your life. Place an “X” on the chart for each. Use the numbers to show how satisfied you are with that part of your life. A “0” is you are miserable, totally dissatisfied, it cannot possibly be any worse. A “10” is you are totally satisfied, it is awesome and you cannot imagine it being any better.

Now connect all the “X’s” and see what you have. It’s a wheel, so ideal is all the areas are fairly equal. In that case, your wheel will roll nicely. If you find your wheel is jagged and has peaks and valleys, it will not roll well at all. You need help in the areas to make you wheel more rounded.

Watch the video for a complete explanation. Better yet, bring your wheel to Dr Marks and have him take a look and offer advise on how to improve it.

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Download a copy of the Health Wheel to use at home, click here: HealthWheel

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