Why Your MD Doesn’t Want to See You for Your Car Accident

After a Car Accident Your MD Really Doesn’t Want to See You

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor and Car Accident Expert for Over 33 Years Explains

Why Your MD Doesn’t Want to See You for Your Car Accident:

Primary Care Physicians have little training in musculoskeletal disorders to begin with. Adding more complexity is the fact that a car wreck makes it a medical AND legal matter that requires extra attention. Your doctor does not want to deal with that. Often times when they do get involved with a case, trouble for both the doctor and patient ensues. You see, there are rules within personal injury and a doctor must abide by these rules and know how not to be a problem for your lawyer if litigation is necessary.

Learn about the 2 doctors you should see ASAP after a car accident here: https://drbarrymarks.com/do-not-go-to-your-hmo-doctor-for-a-car-accident/

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