Your Lower Back Stretches May Be Making You Worse

Your Lower Back Stretches May Be Making You Worse

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All Lower Back Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief Are Not the Same

If you’re suffering from lower back pain and looking for exercises to help, you need to read this brief post first.

Know Your Lower Back Problem to Choose The Correct Low Back Stretching Exercises

Disc Problems: Bulging Disc, Herniate Disc

If your chiropractor has diagnosed your low back pain source as a a bulging or herniated disc, you need to avoid exercises and stretches that bend you forward or have you pull your knees towards your chest. Instead, you would find more relief doing exercises that arch your back backwards into extension. Cobra pose is therefore the better stretch for your disc pain.

Facet Joint Problems: Facet Syndrome, Arthritis

If your back pain stems from arthritis or inflammation of the facet joints of your spine, then bending backwards will most likely worsen your pain. What you need are exercises that stretch or separate the joints to relieve pressure on them. The Child’s pose stretch is therefore the better exercise for facet syndrome or arthritis.

Lower Back Pain Stretching Exercises Are an Important Part of Your Low Back Pain Treatment Provided You Are Performing the Correct Exercises for Your Particular Condition.

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