Auto Injury Chiropractor Orange County

Auto Injury Chiropractor Orange County

auto injury chiropractor orange county ca

Auto Injury Statistics Orange County

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 2014 statistics, there are approximately 33,000 traffic collisions each year in Orange County and approximately 11% of those involve alcohol or other substances. Therefore auto injury is a common problem in Orange County.

Auto Accident Injury Specialists

Like many victims of auto accidents, you may have no idea who to see after a car accident. Do you see your family medical doctor? Do you go to the urgent care. Can my family chiropractor treat me?

You may surprised to learn that just like there are specialists who deal with various systems in your body, there are Personal Injury Doctors who specialize in car accident injuries. These doctors take special courses in how auto accidents affect the body, what injuries are common, how to diagnose and document them and importantly the best methods for treating auto accident related injuries. The treatment is different for routine neck pain versus a whiplash neck injury.

An auto injury chiropractor will not only be better suited to diagnose and treat your car accident injuries, but he or she will also be trained to speak the same language as your lawyer and the courts. This is important as your auto injury is a medical and legal matter and things need to be done right to prevent problems down the road.

Qualifications to Look for in an Auto Injury Chiropractor

  • Post graduate specialty training in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Training specifically in auto accident whiplash injuries by recognized organizations and teaching institutions
  • Demonstrates mastery of specialization by teaching others in the field
  • Practice dedicated to personal injury rather than “Jack of All Trades”

Orange County’s Best Auto Injury ChiropractorDr Barry Marks, Car Accident Chiropractor

  • In chiropractic practice since 1986
  • Post-Doctorate specialty training in orthopedics
  • Post-Graduate studies in personal injury, whiplash and brain trauma at Spine Research Institute San Diego, Life West Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic Post Doctoral Division and others.
  • Former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic college
  • Experienced speaker, lecturer to other doctors and lawyers regarding personal injury diagnosis and management
  • Practice specializing primarily in Personal Injury and thousands of cases successfully treated since 1986

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