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How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Chiropractor?

How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Chiropractor?

How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Chiropractor?

You've suffered an accident. Minding your own business at a red light and WHAM! Smacked from behind by someone on their cell phone. You're in shock! What happened?! As you get a hold of you wits, you realize you've been rear-ended. You get out, check your car and exchange information. Not until all of this is done, do you have the time to think about how you feel.

You begin to realize your neck feels stiff, soreness begins in your neck and shoulder blades and you notice a headache. These are the classic signs of a car accident whiplash injury. These car accident symptoms can appear immediately, in hours, days or even weeks. No matter how long they take to come on, they are a sign of injury and injuries need to be addressed immediately.

So When Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident? --Immediately.

From a medical standpoint, you need to have your injuries assessed, documented and begin the healing process with treatment. That should occur right away. You may not have any symptoms or they may be mild, but the fact is, your neck can be damaged and cause little pain. Your car can look ok and your neck be damaged. So regardless of symptoms, get checked by a car accident injury specialist ASAP after an accident.

From an insurance case standpoint, you need to be examined by a doctor within 72 hours (3 days) of the accident otherwise they will discount the value of your case; sometimes drastically. Automobile insurance companies all use some form of computer program to track and assess injury cases. They input the particulars of your case into the system and the program tells them what range to offer you. An important piece of data is the length of time it took for you to see a doctor after an accident. If it's within 3 days you are ok; if it's after that your case gets a ding. If the time span is long enough it will severely damage your case.

After an Accident It is Best to See a Personal Injury Specialist As Soon as Possible

A delay in treatment will put off the healing and recovery of your injuries. A delay will also result in problems in settling your case at the end. In order to maximize your healing and optimize your eventual settlement, you should see a car accident doctor immediately after your accident.

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Orange County’s Best Chiropractor After Accident

Orange County's Best Chiropractor After Accident

Accident Chiropractic Treatment is the Best Car Accident Treatment, But You Want More Than the Best Chiropractor, You Need the Best Car Accident Chiropractor.

Orange CA Chiropractor Who is Also a Well Known Car Accident Doctor?

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor

  • In practice since 1986
  • Specialty training in orthopedics and car accident whiplash trauma
  • Former Assoc Clinical Professor
  • Author and Lecturer on spinal trauma and whiplash injury

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Accident Chiropractic Near Me Orange County

Accident Chiropractic Near Me Orange County

accident chiropractic near me Orange County

Accident chiropractic is a specialty within the chiropractic profession. Accident chiropractors have specialized training in diagnosing and treating whiplash injuries, car accident reconstruction, forensic procedures, disability evaluation and other topics. Personal injury cases such as car accidents, slips and falls, assault and battery are both medical and legal matters. This is why it is important to have a specialist who understands these factors and can not only successfully treat your problem, but also be able to provide documentation to support your legal claim.

Is Accident Chiropractic Different Than Regular Chiropractic?

After an auto accident an insurance adjuster or examiner will go over your treatment records in detail. They are looking at the diagnoses your doctor used, how long each diagnosis was treated for, if they changed over time, if you had re-examinations and whether you completed standardized questionnaires. They will also look at the specific treatments you received and whether there was good rationale for such care. They will disallow treatments not consider within the norm. Some chiropractors provide treatment in non-accident cases that are considered controversial within and outside of the profession. In an accident case, this is harmful to your case. The adjuster will also be looking for gaps in treatment of 1 week or more. Your regular chiropractor may allow you to come and go as you please, but this doesn't work in an accident case. For these reasons and many more, it is important to see an Auto Injury Chiropractor for your accident injuries.

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Best Chiropractor After Accident Orange County CA | Dr Barry Marks DC

Best Chiropractor After Accident Orange County CA | Dr Barry Marks DC

best chiropractor after car accident Orange County

After a car accident you have many choices for treatment of your auto injuries. The two most important factors are seeing a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident and seeing a doctor who specializes in personal injury.

How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Chiropractor?

As soon as possible, preferably within 3 days of your auto accident. The reason for this is the auto insurance companies judge your accident case using a computer program. A key factor the computer program looks at is, how many hours passed between the accident and your first visit to a doctor. If its within 72 hours (3 days) there is no penalty. If the time is more than 72 hours the case is “penalized” and the longer the gap between your accident and first medical intervention the more the penalty. So to be safe, make a call to a doctor and ask to be seen within 3 days of your car wreck.

After a Car Accident, You Not Only Want the Best Chiropractor | You Want the Best Car Accident Chiropractor

Your best bet for treatment after an auto accident is to see a chiropractor. Doctors of Chiropractic are specifically trained in diagnosing and treating the neck and back. Your medical physician has no desire to treat your car accident injuries. They have little training in this area and do not like to get involved in cases that could result in litigation, depositions, extra reports, etc. Chiropractors are more willing to take on auto accident cases. While most chiropractors will take on a personal injury case, few are actually specialists in this field and will treat you just like any other person with neck or back pain. This is wrong. Accident injuries must be carefully investigated and completely documented. Treatment will vary and many hidden injuries occur after an accident such as ligament weakness or concussion that the average non personal injury chiropractor may miss. A personal injury chiropractor specialist is best.

So Who is The Best Chiropractor After a Car Accident in Orange County?

When you weed through the best chiropractors in Orange County, to find one who specializes in car accident injuries, look at experience treating auto accident cases and who has a good solid reputation, you are likely to decide on Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor in Orange, CA.

Dr. Marks has been in practice since 1986, that's over 3 decades of experience. His specialty training in personal injury, orthopedics, crash reconstruction, MRI interpretation, disability evaluation and more are extensive and hard to match. As for reputation, his online profiles show patients are very happy with the chiropractic treatment he delivers for car accident victims. Pay particular attention to the many reviews where the patients were thankful for his help navigating the complex world of personal injury insurance, lawyers, etc.

When You're Looking for the Best Chiropractor After Car Accident Look No Further Than Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Car Accident Doctor.

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Ligament Injuries After a Car Accident

Ligament Injuries After a Car Accident


Auto Accidents Cause Neck Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries of the neck can occur even in collisions with little vehicle damage. Speeds of less than 5 mph can cause permanent ligament damage.

Ligaments do not show up on x-rays, but evidence of ligament injury may show up if the proper x-rays are taken. Ligaments hold bones together. In the spine, a series of ligaments run up the front and back of the spinal bones to keep them aligned front to back. Called the "longitudinal ligaments," these are ligaments that are often damaged in motor vehicle collisions, particularly rear-impact crashes. Normal longitudinal ligaments keep the vertebral bones in the proper alignment and prevent them from sliding and separating too much when you bend your spine.

Radiographic Evidence of Ligament Damage

Taking x-rays while the neck is being flexed forward and then while extended backwards will show if there is excessive movement. Measurements are taken and compared to known normal values. If the abnormal motion is enough it may be considered an Alteration Of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI) which is a very serious permanent injury that equates to a 25-28% total body impairment. In other words as serious as losing a limb.

Neck Ligament Damage After a Car Accident Often Goes Undocumented

Most doctors, medical or chiropractic, do not know how to do this. They often do not order the proper x-rays and a medical radiologist will not make these measurements or compare it to impairment values. This is where a doctor specializing in whiplash injuries comes in. A true whiplash expert knows this and many other methods of objectively proving your injury, providing the proper treatment and reporting to insurance companies and lawyers.

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