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Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries and Your Spine

Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries and Your Spine

auto accident whiplash injuries dr marks

Auto Accident Whiplash Injuries Are Serious Because They Damage Your Spine

Typical Auto Accident Injuries:

  • Whiplash muscle and ligament injuries
    Muscles and ligaments are over stretched and damaged. While muscles heal, ligaments never recover making it a serious injury. With weakened ligaments, your spine is less stable and arthritis risk is raised 600%.
  • Disc injuries
    The intervertebral discs between each spinal bone that act as spacers and shock absorbs of the spine, can become torn after a collision. It may take some time for the damage to surface, but eventually the discs will leak out fluids and begin to herniate outward towards your nerves and spinal cord causing nerve problems.
  • Nerve injuries
    The nerves can be compressed or stretched in a motor vehicle collision causing weakness, numbness and tingling sensations. The brain itself may be injured; concussions occur in approximately half of all accidents.

What to Do After an Accident in Orange County California

Call Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor and leading expert in car accident injuries and treatment in Orange County (714) 938-0575. Dr Marks will help guide you through the process of filing a claim, getting proper treatment, advising you on insurance matters and more.


Low Speed Rear Impact Collision Facts

Low Speed Rear Impact Collision Facts

low speed rear impact car accident injury

Despite What the Insurance Industry Would Like You to Think, Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions (LOSRIC) Do Cause Injuries.

Research Indicates These Collisions are the Most Likely Type of Car Accidents to Cause a Neck Injury. And Here's Why:

When two vehicles collide energy is transferred from one to the other. In simplest terms, when you're at a stop light and another car smacks you from behind, that car transfers its energy into your car. That energy then travels from your bumper, through the chassis of your car, into your seat and eventually into your body. You experience that energy as a jolt or sudden jerk. That sudden movement causes damage to your spine. Medical researchers have figured out a precise energy number at which live test subjects could be injured in a rear impact collision and that number is surprisingly low.

A Typical Car Accident with Vehicle Damage

Again for simplicity, let's say the car that hits you has 10 units of energy to potentially transfer to your car. Now let's say the other cars bumper crushes and that releases 2 units of energy that does not transfer to your car. We now have 8 units left. Your bumper and bodywork crumples as it's designed to do and it absorbs 5 units. There are now only 3 units of energy left that travels to your body and causes a quick but slight jerk to your neck. That slight jerk might still be enough to hurt your neck because researchers have found that it only takes 2.5 units of energy to damage a ligament.

Car Accidents Without Vehicle Damage

Let's take our same example with the car hitting you with a potential of only 8 units of energy because it was driving slower. It strikes your car, but this time the cars collide and there is no crush in either of the bumpers. The cars hit and bounce. That action might only release 2 units between the cars because there is no crushing which releases energy, and so it sends 6 units of energy into your body. That is double the energy from the other example and that has the potential to cause even more injury. So even though there was less energy to begin with and no vehicle damage, your body experiences twice as much damaging energy.

No 2 Crashes Are the Same

There are so many variables to a motor vehicle collision that it is impossible to compare one to another. The types, sizes, weights, speeds of vehicles make a difference. The age, gender, physical fitness, positioning and awareness of the occupants matters. The temperature, condition of pavement, slope of road and more play a role. All of this information and more needs to analyzed to get a true picture of a crash and relate it to potential forces that could cause injury. The auto insurance adjuster will take a quick look at a bumper photo and make a snap judgement. That is not only wrong it is fraudulent. Nobody can make such an assessment off of a simple photo.

If You've Suffered a Car Accident and Need Help, Call Us Immediately (714) 938-0575. We Can Help You Navigate the Complex World of Car Accidents Providing Expert Evaluations and Diagnoses, Proper Treatment and Solid Documentation That Results in a Fair Settlement.



Neck and Back Pain After a Car Accident

Neck and Back Pain After a Car Accident

Neck and Back Pain After a Car Accident

Car accidents cause damage to muscles, ligaments, joints, discs and nerves. If you've suffered an accident, your best bet is to consult with an auto injury chiropractor. A car accident chiropractor can help relieve your neck and back pain, but also guide you through how to set up a claim and advise you on car accident settlement procedures.

Damage done to these structures result in not only pain, but can lead to long-term damage and early onset of arthritis. To avoid chronic pain and disability, your injuries must be properly diagnosed and treated.

Auto Injury Chiropractor Orange County

Auto Injury Chiropractor Orange County

auto injury chiropractor orange county ca

Auto Injury Statistics Orange County

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 2014 statistics, there are approximately 33,000 traffic collisions each year in Orange County and approximately 11% of those involve alcohol or other substances. Therefore auto injury is a common problem in Orange County.

Auto Accident Injury Specialists

Like many victims of auto accidents, you may have no idea who to see after a car accident. Do you see your family medical doctor? Do you go to the urgent care. Can my family chiropractor treat me?

You may surprised to learn that just like there are specialists who deal with various systems in your body, there are Personal Injury Doctors who specialize in car accident injuries. These doctors take special courses in how auto accidents affect the body, what injuries are common, how to diagnose and document them and importantly the best methods for treating auto accident related injuries. The treatment is different for routine neck pain versus a whiplash neck injury.

An auto injury chiropractor will not only be better suited to diagnose and treat your car accident injuries, but he or she will also be trained to speak the same language as your lawyer and the courts. This is important as your auto injury is a medical and legal matter and things need to be done right to prevent problems down the road.

Qualifications to Look for in an Auto Injury Chiropractor

  • Post graduate specialty training in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Training specifically in auto accident whiplash injuries by recognized organizations and teaching institutions
  • Demonstrates mastery of specialization by teaching others in the field
  • Practice dedicated to personal injury rather than “Jack of All Trades”

Orange County's Best Auto Injury ChiropractorDr Barry Marks, Car Accident Chiropractor

  • In chiropractic practice since 1986
  • Post-Doctorate specialty training in orthopedics
  • Post-Graduate studies in personal injury, whiplash and brain trauma at Spine Research Institute San Diego, Life West Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic Post Doctoral Division and others.
  • Former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic college
  • Experienced speaker, lecturer to other doctors and lawyers regarding personal injury diagnosis and management
  • Practice specializing primarily in Personal Injury and thousands of cases successfully treated since 1986

Car Accident? Call Orange County's Trusted Auto Injury Chiropractor (714) 938-0575

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