Best Chiropractor After Accident Orange County CA | Dr Barry Marks DC

Best Chiropractor After Accident Orange County CA | Dr Barry Marks DC

best chiropractor after car accident Orange County

After a car accident you have many choices for treatment of your auto injuries. The two most important factors are seeing a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident and seeing a doctor who specializes in personal injury.

How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Chiropractor?

As soon as possible, preferably within 3 days of your auto accident. The reason for this is the auto insurance companies judge your accident case using a computer program. A key factor the computer program looks at is, how many hours passed between the accident and your first visit to a doctor. If its within 72 hours (3 days) there is no penalty. If the time is more than 72 hours the case is “penalized” and the longer the gap between your accident and first medical intervention the more the penalty. So to be safe, make a call to a doctor and ask to be seen within 3 days of your car wreck.

After a Car Accident, You Not Only Want the Best Chiropractor | You Want the Best Car Accident Chiropractor

Your best bet for treatment after an auto accident is to see a chiropractor. Doctors of Chiropractic are specifically trained in diagnosing and treating the neck and back. Your medical physician has no desire to treat your car accident injuries. They have little training in this area and do not like to get involved in cases that could result in litigation, depositions, extra reports, etc. Chiropractors are more willing to take on auto accident cases. While most chiropractors will take on a personal injury case, few are actually specialists in this field and will treat you just like any other person with neck or back pain. This is wrong. Accident injuries must be carefully investigated and completely documented. Treatment will vary and many hidden injuries occur after an accident such as ligament weakness or concussion that the average non personal injury chiropractor may miss. A personal injury chiropractor specialist is best.

So Who is The Best Chiropractor After a Car Accident in Orange County?

When you weed through the best chiropractors in Orange County, to find one who specializes in car accident injuries, look at experience treating auto accident cases and who has a good solid reputation, you are likely to decide on Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor in Orange, CA.

Dr. Marks has been in practice since 1986, that’s over 3 decades of experience. His specialty training in personal injury, orthopedics, crash reconstruction, MRI interpretation, disability evaluation and more are extensive and hard to match. As for reputation, his online profiles show patients are very happy with the chiropractic treatment he delivers for car accident victims. Pay particular attention to the many reviews where the patients were thankful for his help navigating the complex world of personal injury insurance, lawyers, etc.

When You’re Looking for the Best Chiropractor After Car Accident Look No Further Than Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Car Accident Doctor.

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