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Chiropractic Adjustments Restore Health

Chiropractic Adjustments Restore Health

Chiropractic Adjustments restore health and relieve pain

each chiropractic adjustment brings you closer to health

With every chiropractic adjustment of your spine, you grow nearer to health.

An adjustment is like hitting the reset button on your computer.

A surge of information goes to the brain, the brain analyzes the input then sends messages back to the body. This process relieves pain and lessens muscle spasm and it happens in a fraction of a second. Each adjustment does this. Over time, your brain relearns what a normal spine, free from mechanical blockages is supposed to be like. With improved nerve flow from the spine to the brain and back to the body, your overall health is optimized.

Why multiple adjustments?

The spine malfunctions due to everyday stresses, posture, trauma, etc. Once it mechanically malfunctions, the brain locks that malfunction is as the “new normal.” If you’ve been misaligned for a long time or suffered an injury such as whiplash from an auto accident, the mechanical dis-relationship will be impossible to correct with just one adjustment. Your spine will function better for a short period of time after an adjustment, but eventually your body will revert to the memorized malfunction. The time between adjustment and return to malfunction is short at first; hours or days, but eventually after additional adjustments, the brain will relearn and the time between grows.

Just like eating good, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep and exercising, periodic adjustments of the spine will ensure the best possible function of your spine and optimum health.

Headaches, Neck or Back pain? Time to have your spine checked.

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What Do Chiropractors Do? Chiropractic in a Nutshell

What Do Chiropractors Do? Chiropractic in a Nutshell

Want to understand what chiropractic is? Here’s a one minute explanation: Chiropractic in a nutshell.

Your Brain Controls Everything

Your brain controls every single cell, tissue and organ of your body. Your brain transmits instructions to and receives information from everything on your body through the spinal cord and nerves. The spinal cord and nerves are protected by the spinal column series of interlocking spinal bones.

Healthy Brain and Nerve Flow = Healthy

As long as the spine is functioning properly and the information is transmitted without interference you are healthy.

Interference in Brain and Nerve Flow = Lack of Health

Interference can occur in the spinal column due to trauma chronic poor posture stress and other causes. Chiropractors call this spinal joint malfunction a subluxation, which basically means a breakdown in the normal functioning of one or more spinal joints. Subluxations can be painless, but if left on corrected long enough they will eventually lead to malfunction in the body or spine and present to symptoms.

Chiropractors Locate and Correct Interference

Doctors of chiropractic are the only healthcare professionals specifically trying to locate and correct subluxations. Correction is through manually unlock in the malfunctioning joints by adjustments or spinal manipulation usually done by the chiropractor’s hand. Once normal function is restored, the bodies full potential for nerve transmission is restored and your health will begin to return.

No two patients are the same. No two people have the same subluxations, therefore treatment type and duration depend on the individual case. Someone who sleeps wrong and wakes up with a stiff neck for the first time and has no previous history of neck problems, is going to be much easier to correct than someone who suffers a car accident injury and has torn spinal ligaments and nerve damage.

Chiropractic + More = Faster Pain Relief

Chiropractors may also use other modalities such as heat, cold, electricity, laser, exercise and nutritional supplementation to support their chiropractic treatments to get patients well faster and to care for injuries that are beyond the basic subluxation.

There you have it, a quick explanation of what chiropractic is in a nutshell.

If you’ve been suffering from headaches, neck pain, back pain or other joint aches and pains, you should consider seeing a chiropractor today. You may be surprised to find how quickly you’ll be feeling better once your chiropractor begins to correct your subluxations.

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Orange County

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the foot.

plantar fasciitis treatment orange countyWhat is the plantar fascia?

The plantar fascia is a connective tissue band (large flat ligament) that attaches to the bottom of the heel and extends forward towards the toes. It is an anchor point for the muscles of the bottom of the feet. Stability and balance of the foot and ankle depend on the plantar fascia to be strong, yet flexible and acts as a counterbalance to the strong suckles of the calf that attach to the heel with the Achilles tendon.

Causes of plantar fasciitis:

The plantar fascia becomes inflamed and makes walking painful when the tissue becomes injured from strain or direct trauma such as landing on the feet from height. Besides trauma, plantar fascial problems may arise simply from the calf muscle being too tight. Because the muscles of the calf are so strong, if they become overly tight they pull up on the heel, which in turn tugs on the plantar fascia and causes strain.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis are:

Heel pain on walking, particularly when first rising from bed or after sitting for long periods
> Burning, aching on bottom of the foot
> Painful sensation like a pebble in your shoe under the ball of the second toe

Plantar fasciitis treatment:

Treatment of plantar foot pain involves relieving inflammation, stretching the plantar ligament, and loosening of the calf muscle. This is a process that could take from a few visits to a few months depending on how long the condition has existed and the severity of the inflammation.

Therapy modalities may include:
> Heat packs
> Electrical stimulation
> Cold laser therapy
> Ice packs
> Stretching exercises
> Foot and ankle joint manipulation

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