Chiropractic Headache Relief Treatment

Chiropractic Headache Relief Treatment

Chiropractic headache treatment

By Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA

After back and neck pain, headaches are the most common ailments treated by doctors of chiropractic.

The 3 most common headache types are:

  1. Tension type headache: caused by muscular tension in the scalp, neck and upper back
  2. Cervicogenic headache: caused by misalignment or malfunction within the joints of the neck
  3. Migraine headache: pain caused by alterations in blood flow from the neck to the head

The first 2 headaches comprise about 90% of all headaches and there is much overlap because muscle tension in the neck leads to locking of the neck joints. In other words, a tension headache can cause a cervicogenic headache. Similarly, mal-positioning of the upper neck bones can precipitate a migraine.

Chiropractic treatment successfully relieves the 3 most common headache types.

An examination by your doctor of chiropractic will reveal if you are suffering from one of the 3 or more than one of these common headache types. Your chiropractor will also analyze x-rays to see I you are suffering from a very common alignment issue that is at the root of the majority of headaches—lack of neck curve or “hypolordosis.”

Once the cause is established, your chiropractor will begin chiropractic adjustments to unlock stuck joints, and physiotherapy modalities to calm down spasm of the muscles and relieve inflammation and nerve irritation causing pain to radiate to your head.

Chiropractic headache relief can take literally one visit, but if your problem is caused by underlying misalignment like hypolordosis or other postural issues it may take a couple of months to relieve your headaches and keep them at bay. Your doctor of chiropractic will also create a home program to help you retrain your neck posture to prevent your headaches from returning.

Thousands of Orange County residents have found relief of headaches and other painful conditions through Dr Barry Marks’ chiropractic treatments. If you would like to find a safe, natural approach to headache pain relief, call Dr Marks today at (714) 938-0575.

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