EFT for Serenity

EFT for Serenity Dr Barry Marks DC

Emotional Freedom Technique for Serenity Home Study Program

Mind-Body Home Study Program for Peace of Mind

Workbook and Audio introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and takes you step-by-step to use this revolutionary mind-hack to achieve more abundant Serenity and peace of mind.

By using this simple technique, you can erase bad emotions, painful events and faulty mental programs that prevent you from achieving peace of mind. You deserve not to be anxious. You deserve to feel at ease with yourself and others. It’s not fair that you live a lesser life; a life with worries, guilt or shame while others enjoy theirs.

You CAN achieve peace of mind. You CAN attract Serenity into your life. All you need to do is…


Click Button to Order Your EFT for Serenity Home Study Program for only $17.


You could pay hundreds for a single EFT session with a therapist. But you don’t need to. This program is easily worth much more, but Dr. Marks realizes there is a great need for calmness right now, so he has offered this powerful course for only $17. It was designed for you to do at home, even if you’ve never heard of EFT or done any mind-body work in the past. This program takes you by the hand and leads you to serenity and well being.

Once you pay, PayPal will send us a notice and you will gain access to the download page within a few minutes.

If you have any questions or problems with access call our office at (714) 938-0575 or use the contact page.




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