Ligament Injuries After a Car Accident

Ligament Injuries After a Car Accident


Auto Accidents Cause Neck Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries of the neck can occur even in collisions with little vehicle damage. Speeds of less than 5 mph can cause permanent ligament damage.

Ligaments do not show up on x-rays, but evidence of ligament injury may show up if the proper x-rays are taken. Ligaments hold bones together. In the spine, a series of ligaments run up the front and back of the spinal bones to keep them aligned front to back. Called the “longitudinal ligaments,” these are ligaments that are often damaged in motor vehicle collisions, particularly rear-impact crashes. Normal longitudinal ligaments keep the vertebral bones in the proper alignment and prevent them from sliding and separating too much when you bend your spine.

Radiographic Evidence of Ligament Damage

Taking x-rays while the neck is being flexed forward and then while extended backwards will show if there is excessive movement. Measurements are taken and compared to known normal values. If the abnormal motion is enough it may be considered an Alteration Of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI) which is a very serious permanent injury that equates to a 25-28% total body impairment. In other words as serious as losing a limb.

Neck Ligament Damage After a Car Accident Often Goes Undocumented

Most doctors, medical or chiropractic, do not know how to do this. They often do not order the proper x-rays and a medical radiologist will not make these measurements or compare it to impairment values. This is where a doctor specializing in whiplash injuries comes in. A true whiplash expert knows this and many other methods of objectively proving your injury, providing the proper treatment and reporting to insurance companies and lawyers.

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