Neck Curve Restored After Car Accident Injury

Orange County Auto Accident Victim’s Neck Curve Restored After Treatment

Orange County Car Accident Chiropractor Dr Barry Marks shares what a spine looks like after treatment in his Orange CA Chiropractic Office.

Car accidents cause changes in the curve of your neck because ligaments have been damaged. See this previous post for more information on ligament damage due to  car accidents.

neck traction after a car accidentHow neck curves can be restored after a car accident:

Dr Marks uses a multi-treatment approach to restoring neck curves consisting of “in-office” treatments and “at-home” exercises. Combined, the therapies help compensate for ligaments that have been damaged by remodeling the neck and creating better muscles balance in the neck.

In Office Treatment to Restore Neck Curve

The neck is molded over a wedge with a choice of different “orthotics” or active neck traction devices depending on the patient’s tolerance.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are made at the point where the curve is altered.

This treatment is usually 2-3 times each week for a period of about a month and then reduced in frequency.

At Home Exercises to Correct Neck Curve

An orthotic or traction device is used at home daily for 5-20 min. to mold the neck curve

2 exercises are given to improve strength of the muscles in the back of the neck and to unlock the upper neck area to allow movement of the neck into the correct position.

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