Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Orange County

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Orange County

Successful peripheral neuropathy treatment in Orange County requires treatment directed at the root cause of neuropathy and that promotes healing of damaged tissues. For background on why many peripheral neuropathy treatments fail, see this article:

peripheral neuropathy treatment orange county ca

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Successful treatment of peripheral neuropathy is aimed at improving circulation by increasing nitric oxide levels. Nitric Oxide (NO) is created by cells in the body and is an important component within the body to help keep blood vessels healthy and open. Aging, poor diet and diseases cause our bodies to produce less NO putting our blood vessels at risk. Nitric Oxide can be boosted through nutritional supplements and by photo-stimulation. Light therapy supplied through special high quality LED equipment have been shown to improve NO levels and blood flow levels. The effectiveness depends on the quality and intensity of the light stimulation and the length of time it is used. Common failures in LED therapy is because low quality and too few diodes are used and the treatments are not provided long enough duration or enough sessions.

The most effective treatments also use the proper electrical stimulation that is specifically designed to heal the damaged nerves. Not all electrical stimulation wave forms are the same. Most EMS units are designed to relieve pain not heal nerves. Therefore, better outcomes will result if the right stimulation is used.

Finally, an effective therapy program for neuropathy should include a lifestyle management plan. Changes in your diet and lifestyle can help you recover faster and maintain results. Your lifestyle may have been partially responsible for your peripheral neuropathy. Learning how to eat and live to minimize neuropathy is crucial.

New Hope for Peripheral Neuropathy in Orange County

Why our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Program is Orange County’s premium program.

  1. Treatment uses high quality nutritional supplements and the high grade LED therapy to boost nitric oxide and blood flow
  2. High quality electrical stimulation equipment designed to heal nerves. (Same as used by Cancer Treatment Centers of America)
  3. Proper amount and duration of treatment; we pack more treatment into a week than most programs do in a month!
  4. Daily education on diet, exercise and lifestyle to help you achieve success

Ready for Peripheral Neuropathy Relief?

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