3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

When confronted with what to do after a car accident, most people have no clue what to do. That usually means they make one of these mistakes that could cost them.

3 mistakes to avoid after car accident

It’s not every day you’re involved in a car crash, and if this is your first time, it can be very stressful. Unfortunately, after an auto accident what you do makes a big difference in your outcome. Your health is at risk and your financial well-being may be impacted as well.

Read on to learn what 3 things you need to avoid that can totally screw up your car accident case!

Don’t Fall for a Quick Settlement

Soon after a car accident, you will be contacted by the responsible persons auto insurance company. This claims adjuster or rep, will be aggressive and smooth and convince you they are going to help you. They will try to arrange a meeting at your home, office or coffee shop. When you meet (which I do NOT recommend) they will explain to you very sympathetically, that your crash wasn’t all that bad and your injuries are probably minor strains that will go away quickly maybe even without treatment. To show how fair they are, they will offer you a small sum of money and a promise to pay a certain amount of medical bills.

Here’s why you don’t want to do this. It’s a scam. They are trying to rush you into a settlement before you realize what’s wrong with you and before you find out how much your claim is worth. To be blunt, they are trying to cheat you. The settlement will be less than a fraction of what your case is actually worth. The $500 or $1,000 they offer is most likely 1/5 to 1/10 of the the actual value. Same with whatever they offer in medical damages.

Know this, nobody can tell you how much treatment you will need until you’ve been examined by an expert and have undergone care. Every patient is unique with unique pasts and unique injuries so placing you in a once size fits all box is wrong.

My recommendation, is to NOT meet with the adjuster. No matter what they may tell you, you are under no obligation to speak with them or meet them. Tell them to send you letters and you will respond to them in writing at your convenience. In the mean time you will receive treatments and work on getting healed up. Do not make any settlements until after your treatment is completed.

Don’t Listen to Your Family Doctor or ER Doctor

Harsh, I know, but if they tell you, it’s a just s strain and you will get better in a couple of weeks, that’s bad advice. These doctors are trained to find life threatening injuries and diseases, but they’re not so great with car accident trauma and musculoskeletal injuries. It’s not a knock on them, it’s just not their specialty. Many car accident victims suffer ligament tears, disc herniations and brain injuries that go undetected by family practitioners, ER docs and family chiropractors. Here’s a clue that a doctor does not know how to handle a car accident injury properly: if they do not order x-rays that include bending your neck forward and back, they should not be your treating doctor.

Injuries from car accidents are common and serious. A doctor who specializes in car accident trauma will know what to look for, how to document ALL of your injuries and provide treatment specifically for your condition.

Don’t Be Inconsistent

If you are injured by a car accident and you want the best outcome for your injuries and your case, then you need to take it seriously and be consistent. If you truly are hurt and want to get better, then your actions will convey that to the insurance company. You will go for treatment as scheduled, and you will do your home care as instructed. When an insurance company sees consistency then they are more likely to take your claim seriously. However, if you wait too long after the accident to see a doctor, or if you start care, but don’t show up and have gaps in treatment dates or go out bungee jumping when your doctor tells you to do only light exercises, the insurance company sees this as a potentially fraudulent case.

Healing of damaged tissues takes months to occur. Doing your part to get consistent care and do your prescribed exercises makes sure that your body will heal as good as possible in the shortest time possible.

Having an Experienced Car Accident Injury Expert on Your Side Will Help You Avoid These Problems After a Car Accident

These are just 3 mistakes people make after an accident; there are many more potential pitfalls! If you’ve had an accident recently, stop what you’re doing and make an appointment to see a specialist before you make any more mistakes. Click here now. You will be evaluated by a leading expert at no up front cost to you.

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