Quick Tip to De-Stress After Work for Better Sleep

Restlessness at Night Preventing You From Sleeping?

Most of the time we blame a restless night on emotional or mental stress. Staring up at the ceiling trying to nod off without luck. Did you know that sometimes, it’s actually a physical problem preventing sleep?

Daily postural stress builds up tension in the body and irritates the nervous system. All that pent up physical stress doesn’t just go away because we decide to lay down. It needs to be released prior to bedtime.

Quick Tip to De-Stress After Work for Better Sleep

After work you might be in the habit of going home, eating then plopping on the sofa to veg in front of the TV with your cel phone in hand. Rather than couch surf, try going for a 30-45 min walk after dinner. And instead of scrolling your phone as you walk, plug in your earbuds and listen to an audio book. Better yet, take a buddy and talk! Talking, sharing, and laughing releases stress and tension.

A short period of physical activity helps reduce postural and emotional stress, which will later make it easier for you to fall asleep.

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