About Car Accident Injuries

About Car Accident Injuries

About Car Accident Injuries Orange County, CA

Orange County Car Accident Whiplash & Brain Injury Specialist, Dr Barry Marks explains some car accident information that may surprise you

  • Most injuries occur in crashes of 12 mph or less
  • A 3 mph rear impact has been proven to damage neck ligaments
  • Permanent disc injuries reported in slow speed crashes
  • Over 500 deaths in 1999 in Florida due to car accidents of 10 mph or less
  • Japanese study shows you are more likely to suffer complications and prolonged treatment if your car does not show any visible damage, worse than if car is totaled

Car Accidents Must Be Taken Seriously

A sprain or disc injury in the neck may show as a minor stiffness or headache. Later on it may progress to become more painful. Many people are injured and have no idea because the symptoms are subtle at first. Permanent structural damage may occur even in slow speed crashes. Studies have shown once certain supporting ligaments are damaged, your spine is likely to deteriorate within 5-10 years. Very specific types of treatment and home care have been proven to result in more favorable healing and limitation of impairment.

Don’t Go to the Wrong Doctor for Your Car Accident Injury

Most doctors, chiropractors and therapists have no real training in detecting and treating whiplash and brain injuries. They treat them juts like any other type of “sore neck.” This can harm you. Undetected and improperly ligament damage can result in serious adverse affects later on like arthritis disc degeneration and nerve injury. The average general doctor will miss key findings and not provide adequate treatment to your detriment.

Car Accident Injuries Require a Specialist

Believe it or not there are doctors who specialize specifically in car accident whiplash and brain injuries. Through rigorous study of current research, biomechanics, vehicle crash reconstruction, orthopedic and neurologic testing, interpretation of MRI studies, disability and impairment rating, forensic examination and report writing, courtroom testimony and court etiquette, and more topics are required to specialize in this field.

Orange County CA Car Accident Injury Specialist, Dr Barry Marks, DC

  • Chiropractor specializing in trauma since 1986
  • Post-doctorate specialty training in Orthopedics
  • Advanced graduate of Whiplash & Brain Trauma post-graduate program
  • Former Associate Clinical Professor LA College of Chiropractic
  • Certified Industrial Injury Evaluator
  • Qualified Medical Examiner, State of CA
  • Certified in Applied Spinal Disability Rating
  • Post-doctorate studies in MRI spine interpretation
  • Has spoken before groups of doctors and lawyers on matters of car accident injuries, MRI diagnostics, Disc injuries and more

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