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Car Accident Doctors Differ From Ordinary Doctors in a Few Important Ways:

Car accident doctors take specific training courses in auto accident injuries and car accident treatment.

They often also take post-doctorate training in car accident reconstruction, disability evaluation, personal injury report writing, courtroom testimony, etc.

Car accident doctors know the rules of personal injury cases.

Doctors can’t charge whatever they want, perform treatments that are not scientifically sound or universally accepted by the medical community. They have to be precise and accurate with every thing they say and write.  They must know the language of your lawyer and be able to communicate with them and provide them what they need to prepare a good case. They must also know when a case is not good and let them know that as well.

Car accident doctors have financial policies in place to make getting car accident treatment easier for the car accident victim.

Providing care that is priced within the accepted standards of care for car accident treatment is important. Keeping the numbers of visits within guidelines is also crucial. Performing services and awaiting payment until the case is settled is one of the more important aspects of a car accident doctor. They understand this and do not demand payment up front.

How to spot a doctor that claims to be a car accident specialist, but isn’t:

They have the words “family” or “wellness” or “sports” in their clinic names.

They list a multitude of conditions they treat

Most of the articles on their websites talk about wellness, family, children, or pregnancy

Their curriculum vitae (resume for a doctor)  is filled with training that is wellness based and not injury based or worse they do not have one available to review

They ask for payment as you go

They have no referral network set up with lawyers, and other medical specialists

They do not do a thorough examination and/or x-rays on the first visit

How to spot a true car accident doctor specialist:

Their office is named after themselves or have accident, injury or rehabilitation in their name

The conditions they treat are limited and are all related to bone, joint, muscle or nerve injury

Their website contains primarily articles and information regarding accident injuries

They have a curriculum vitae readily available and it is filled with post-doctorate training in accident related diagnosis and treatment

They set up specific financial arrangements up front to allow you to receive treatment at no up front cost to you. They may bill insurance for you, but anything unpaid after insurance will not be collected until after your case has settled.

They have a list of lawyers, doctors, imaging centers, etc to provide you with expert second opinions and treatment if necessary, who are also personal injury specialists so they will also provide care and not charge you up front

You will be given a very thorough physical examination and x-rays on day one and possibly other tests depending on the outcome of your exam. You will also be asked to complete specific forms that pertain to injuries and impairment

Car Accident Doctor in Orange County?

dr barry marks car accident chiropractorLook no further than Dr Barry Marks Car Accident Chiropractor. Dr Marks invites you to review this website and check him out online. You will find that he does certainly meet the criteria of being a car accident doctor specialist.

If you’ve suffered an injury from an accident, call Dr Marks’ office immediately at (714) 938-0575 for a no cost to you consult in which he will sit down with you face to face and answer all of your questions and let you know what you need to do to make sure that your case is handled properly.

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor
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1745 W Orangewood Ave #114
Orange, CA 92868
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