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Orange County’s Best Chiropractor After Accident

Orange County's Best Chiropractor After Accident

Accident Chiropractic Treatment is the Best Car Accident Treatment, But You Want More Than the Best Chiropractor, You Need the Best Car Accident Chiropractor.

Orange CA Chiropractor Who is Also a Well Known Car Accident Doctor?

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor

  • In practice since 1986
  • Specialty training in orthopedics and car accident whiplash trauma
  • Former Assoc Clinical Professor
  • Author and Lecturer on spinal trauma and whiplash injury

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Car Accident Doctor Orange County CA – Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

Car Accident Doctor Orange County CA - Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

Car accident doctor Orange County

Car Accident Treatment in Orange County | Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor and Car Accident Specialist since 1986

Been rear-ended, struck from side or head on collision? Before you do anything else, see one of the leading car accident injury experts in Orange County. Seeing a doctor who specializes just in car accident injuries is the best bet after a car accident. After a careful evaluation, which is usually at no out of pocket cost to you, you will know exactly what your injuries are, how bad they are and how long it will take to recover. This is information vital to your case so that you can get the treatment you need, recover and reach a fair personal injury settlement after.

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Car Accident Doctor Orange County, California 92868

Car Accident Doctor Orange County, California 92868

Car Accident Doctor Orange, CA 92868

Suffering from a car accident is bad enough, but it is only the beginning...

You now have to deal with:

  • How to fix your car
  • How to get a rental car to get to work
  • My neck hurts, what kind of doctor do I see?
  • Who is going to pay for all this?
  • Do I need a lawyer?

These are all reasonable questions to ask after a car accident in Orange County, California.

Instead of worrying about ALL these things, concentrate on a couple of the most important points that will let all the other things fall into place without as much stress.

Tips from an Orange County California Car Accident Doctor:

Day 1, Hour 1:

Call the responsible party's auto insurance and open a claim. Give them only the details of the accident, what happened and emphasize it was the other party's (their insured's) fault. Make a note of the time, date and name of person who takes your info. Write down the claim number if they give you one. Tell them you are injured and seeking medical attention and also you need a rental car ASAP because you need to work, go to school, drive kids around, etc.

Call your insurance and report the accident, give them all the details about what happened and the responsible party.

Confirm with your auto insurance company that you have UNINSURED MOTORIST coverage in case the other party ends up not having insurance and conform if you have and the amount of MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE. The insurance adjuster may say it's going to be handled by the other insurance and you don't need to make a claim. This is incorrect and they are just trying to get out of doping their job, which is represent you and make your entire policy available to you to take care of your needs.

Even if you have a mild headache or just stiffness in the neck, tell them you want to open a bodily injury claim and you are going to or already have seen a doctor.

Ask if you have RENTAL CAR INSURANCE, you need to get to work, school, etc

Day 1, Hour 2:

Call a car accident doctor, a doctor who specializes in only car accident injuries. This is a field of specialty more specialized than general medicine or chiropractic, orthopedics or neurology. Make an appointment to be seen ASAP. It should be within 3 days of the accident to prevent any problems later.

Day 1, Hour 3:

Make arrangements for a car to borrow, share or download Uber app on phone to get to important appointments. If you rent a car on your own, you will get reimbursed but a very small amount so get the cheapest car you can and when the other person's insurance offers make a switch to a rental car place of their choosing to avoid any out of pocket costs.

Day 2 or 3:

Go to the Car Accident Doctor appointment. Take your car insurance info and health insurance info, yes both. Auto insurance is almost alwasy secondary to health insurance. You will be given a thorough examination and asked to complete questionnaires about how you feel and how the accident has affected your daily activities. You may be given a referral for x-rays or other diagnostic work. Follow the doctors advice in treatment, home care, etc. and make sure they are accessible in case you have questions later.

Day 3-4:

Things are progressing. By now, you should have a car accident injury specialist picked and an appointment or have already been to them and are under care. You should also have made contact with the other insurance and possibly have a place to take your car for an estimate. You may have already procured a rental car at the place the estimate is being done at depending on how bad your car is. By now you will know what insurance you personally have to cover your bills. Whether you need to contact an attorney at this early stage or not depends on the severity of your injuries, damage done to the vehicle and cooperation (or lack of) by the responsible insurance company. Everything is falling into place.

The difficult part of being in a car accident is knowing what steps to take.

This article is a just a brief overview of the things you need to do in order to manage your auto accident case properly. For the average person there is a lot to do and know, things most people have no clue about. This is where having someone on your side to guide you through the process comes in handy. A specialist who knows all the ins and outs and who's focus is on assisting you through the maze. Many people think that's why you call a lawyer, but you;d be surprised that most personal injury lawyers don't get all that involved in your case. They help you make a settlement at the end of the case, but they do not do much about gettign your car repaired, find specialists to provide medical services, answer questions, etc. They are too busy and run too many cases to do that.

You Need a Car Accident Concierge.

A concierge is the "go to person" in a hotel who has all the connections, can call you a cab, get you a hard to get table at a restaurant, give you the inside scoop of whats going on in the area. For car accident injuries there is someone who is basically like a concierge for accident victims. He knows all the rules, knows the good lawyers, has contacts with the good doctors in the area who work with accident victims and actually provides car accident treatment services that are second to none. So you get a great car accident doctor AND a personal injury concierge to help you figure out your car stuff, insurance questions, lawyers, imaging and specialist centers, etc. Your expert is accessible via email and often text and voice to help you when you're out of the office. Many chiropractors treat car accident victims, but few if any provide the expertise and experience and provide these "special" services the way Orange County Car Accident Doctor Barry Marks DC does.

"Orange County Car Accident Concierge"

car accident doctor orange county california 92868 dr barry marks

Dr Barry Marks is a chiropractor with  over 30 years experience in personal injury. He has completed hundreds of hours in post-doctorate specialty training programs in orthopedics, brain injury, whiplash, crash reconstruction, forensic examinations, disability evaluations, impairment rating, MRI interpretation, and much more. You can compare Dr Marks' experience and credentials to any other doctor, medical or chiropractic in Orange County and you won't find anyone more qualified. All this in a comfortable and welcoming office environment with a kind and empathetic bedside manner.

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Dr Barry Marks, DC Car Accident Doctor Orange County, California 92868

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Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Podcast

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Car Accident Specialist Announces New Podcast

dr barry marks podcast

"My mission is to help as many people as I can... and one thing I have always believed in is patient education."
~Dr. Marks

In order to disseminate information about car accident injuries, chiropractic treatment and general health, Dr. Marks has branched out his online efforts to include a Podcast. Now rather than read posts on his blog or social media sites, Dr Marks is recording information for people to listen to. Whether it's on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, listeners will be able to get informed through audio.

In the past Dr Marks has appeared on television and radio to inform the public and had written articles in publications... then he began his online presence in 1998 and since has been a very active contributor to online articles and social media sites.

"Podcasting is just one more way to reach out to get my message... the message of the truth about whiplash and debunk the myths surrounding it... to as many people as I can. I enjoy hearing from people all over the world that have learned something or been helped by one of my articles and I hope to reach more through this new media."

You can listen to the Dr Barry Marks podcast posts here:

(C) Dr Barry Marks Car Accident Chiropractor Orange County CA


How NOT to Choose a Doctor for a Car Accident Injury

When you've suffered a car accident and are injured, here's how NOT to choose a doctor:


Call the closest chiropractor near your home or work.

Call a physical therapist nearby.

Call the chiropractor with the most Yelp or Google+ reviews.

Call your HMO primary care physician

“Why not?” you may ask.

You are Confusing a Car Accident Injury with Ordinary Neck or Back Pain. They Are Not the Same.

A car accident injury is different than any other injury. It affects various structures in the spine differently than any other type of trauma. The specific injured structure; disc, ligament, nerve, brain, etc. must be documented and properly treated. If not, you will suffer long term consequences. That is a fact.

A general chiropractor, medical doctor or physical therapist has no specialized training in this and will miss many of the injuries and therefore provide substandard care. Almost all of these doctors will eagerly treat an accident case, but they will treat them just as they would any other case of general neck or back pain.

As an example, if certain ligaments are damaged in your neck it will cause your neck curve to flatten. It can also cause your spinal bones to slip too much when moving. What is your general doctor or chiropractor's plan to restore the lost curve? Have they properly documented the fact that a ligament has been damaged? Do they know how? Do they know how to properly assess impairment based on specific x-ray studies? It is my belief that less than 10% of chiropractors can and do routinely do this. It is probably less than 1% of all general medical doctors and therapists who can do this.

Another example is a brain injury. Does your doctor know how to properly recognize and diagnose a concussion and properly grade it? And if they do recognize it, most won't, will they offer any treatment for it? Or like 99% of all doctors, will they say, “it just takes time, there are no treatments for a concussion.” By the way, there ARE treatments medically and scientifically proven to help head injuries. One of them was documented as far back as 1961, but is ignored by most doctors and therapists.

Apart From the Obvious Medical Reasons, There are Also Financial and Legal Ramifications to Consider.

General doctors do not do anything without getting paid, usually up front or at least the prospect of health insurance. Today, many people have huge deductibles to their health insurance; $3,000 up to $9,000 are now common. If you need treatment after a car accident and you see a ordinary chiropractor or medical physician you will be responsible for payment as you go. That can get pricey. And even if you are only paying a small co-pay, remember you are paying for inadequate care.

Most generalist doctors, medical or chiropractic, do not adhere to the rules of courts of law. The notes they take, exam procedures they perform and reports they write may not be admissible in court if the proper documentation is not done. This can lead to problems if it becomes necessary to provide testimony at trial.  And in fact, most doctors will not appear in court on your behalf because they do not want to be involved in the legal aspect of your case.

What Doctor Should You See After a Car Crash?

A doctor who is a specialist in car accident whiplash injury

A doctor who has many references and reviews specific to car accidents

A doctor who can show you exactly where your damage is and how it can be fixed

A doctor who is a specialist in brain injury from car accidents

A doctor who will assist you in finances so that you do not pay out of pocket

A doctor who has a network of other doctors, imaging centers and lawyers to assist you with your case

All of These Factors are More Important Than Who is Nearby, Who is in Your Network or Merely Has a Lot of Reviews for General Conditions.

Car accident injuries require a specialist who can properly diagnose your specific problem, provide the correct treatment to fix your spine or brain condition, and assist you in securing treatment at no up front cost and the process of filing your claim. Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor is a car accident injury specialist who fulfills all these criteria.