Low Speed Rear Impact Collision Facts

Low Speed Rear Impact Collision Facts Despite What the Insurance Industry Would Like You to Think, Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions (LOSRIC) Do Cause Injuries. Research Indicates These Collisions are the Most Likely Type of Car Accidents to Cause a Neck Injury. And Here’s Why: When two vehicles collide energy is transferred from one to … Read moreLow Speed Rear Impact Collision Facts

Types of Rear-Impact Automobile Collisions

Types of Rear Impact Automobile Collisions and How Bumpers Play a Role Scientific and medical researchers have proven over the years that “rear-impact” type collisions produce the most injuries to occupants. The way your spine is configured, the construction of automobile seats, chassis and bumpers all play a role in how you may become injured … Read moreTypes of Rear-Impact Automobile Collisions

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